The Milestone Project

The Milestone Project

The 100% owned Milestone Project property is located approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, a region with some of the largest producing potash solution mines in the world. The Company has initiated the construction and operation of Phase I of a world-class potash mine in an ecologically sustainable, economically efficient, and socially responsible manner. This will be the first potash mine in the world that will leave no salt tailings on the surface, thereby significantly reducing it’s impact and water consumption.

The Milestone Project property includes more than 87,500 acres of Crown held Mineral Leases, and more than 60,000 acres of acquired Freehold Leases. The renewable 21 year Crown lease was granted by ministerial order and provides Western with full and exclusive power and right to mine Crown owned subsurface minerals, including potash (subject to the provisions outlined by The Saskatchewan Subsurface Mineral Regulations, 1960).

Since beginning exploration work on the property in 2009, Western has advanced the Milestone Project from concept to execution. The Company has completed a number of pre-feasibility, feasibility and detailed engineering studies as well as significant drilling and 3D seismic. In 2019 almost exactly 10-years since it’s inception, Western Potash broke ground on the most innovative and environmentally friendly solution mine in Saskatchewan. Since then Western has drilled and developed 3 solution mining caverns and constructed the majority of the infrastructure and processing facilities needed to extract the potash. The caverns are in full operation producing potash from recirculated brine that is being pumped and heated from the crystallization pond into the caverns. This preferentially extracts the potash (KCl) from the caverns while leaving the salt (NaCl) in the ground.

Along with the innovation, Western is committed to the environment, and is recirculating more than 90% of the water in the process.  Any additional water is taken from a deep Manville water well about 10 kilometres from the Phase I site, which produces brackish water that is not suitable for potable or agricultural use. The project maintains all applicable operating and environmental permits, and works closely with local businesses, government, and the community to ensure a sustainable business. The local operation currently employs around 25 people and has a 24/7 operations site office at the Phase I site.

Western Potash mine and neighborhood area