Western Resources Reports AGM Results & Elects New Chairman

Western Resources Reports AGM Results & Elects New Chairman

Western Potash Corp. is pleased to announce that the shareholders of its parent company Western Resources Corp.("Western" or "the Company") approved all items put before them at the Company’s Annual General Meeting held on March 13, 2020. The approved items include:

1.    Fixed the number of directors of the Company at 6;

2.    The election of Wenye (Bill) Xue, Frederick (Fritz) Venter, Qinglong Xia, Yinping Wang, Guy Bentinck and Yujia Ren to the Board. Of the approximately 130.60 million common shares, representing 69.89% of the issued and outstanding common shares of the Company, voted at the meeting by ballot and by proxy, the approximate number of those votes “For” each director, and the approximate percentage of the total votes cast, are as follows: Bill Xue (111.49 million / 99.80%), Fritz Venter (111.49 million / 99.79%), Qinglong Xia (111.56 million / 99.86%), Yinping Wang (111.56 million / 99.86%), Guy Bentinck (111.57 million / 99.87%) and Yujia Ren (111.56 / 99.86%);

3.    The reappointment of KPMG LLP as auditors of the Company at a remuneration to be fixed by the directors.

The new Board elected Mr. Bill Xue as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Fritz Venter as Chair of the Corporate Disclosure Policy Committee, Mr. Guy Bentinck as Chair of the Audit Committee, and Mr. Yinping Wang will continue to serve as Chair of the Compensation Committee.

The Company wants to express its thanks to Hon. James Moore, Mr. Xiaogang Chang and Ms. Jennifer Fang, who for personal reasons, decided not to continue to serve on the new board. All the three departing board members have provided sound and thoughtful guidance to the development of the Company in their own respective capacities during their tenure, which is instrumental to the achievements made and the Company wishes them well in the future.


For more information on the contents of this release please contact Jerry Zhang, Corporate Secretary, at 604-689-9378.