Western Potash to Haul Aggregate to Phase I Project Mine Site

Western Potash to Haul Aggregate to Phase I Project Mine Site

Western Potash Corp. (“Western”) has been working diligently over the last two years in order to create the best possible conditions to move the Milestone Phase I Project forward, including aspects of project engineering, marketing, financing, technical optimisation and most importantly, the support of local community and government at various levels. As parent company of Western, Western Resources will consider the status of the project at its upcoming board meeting in April, and if appropriate make a decision on the full commencement of construction.

In support of this, Western plans to initiate some early works activities at its Milestone Phase I Project mine site in 2018.  In particular, Western plans to move up to 50,000 tonnes of aggregate to the site commencing mid-March prior to road bans.  The early placement of aggregate at the site will minimize any road damage, in consultation with the RM of Lajord.

Western will make sure that aggregate hauling will have minimal impact on the local community. Aggregate will be transported from gravel pits located near Davin and will utilize the Lajord grid south and across Highway #33 and a further 3 miles south on the Lajord grid and west to the project site on NW20-14-17W3.  This route minimizes traffic past residences and local traffic.  Hauling will likely occur from 8 pm to 10 am when road surfaces are frozen.  The aggregate haulage will be conducted by a reputable local contractor with a strong emphasis on safety and high regard for the local community.

Western will continue to keep all stakeholders, including the local community, updated as information is available.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us at (306) 924-9378