Zheng Mianping

Zheng Mianping, Director

Zheng Mianping


Mr. Zheng Mianping was appointed to the Board of Directors of Western Potash Corp. in September, 2016.  

Mr. Zheng brings over 50 years experience as a pioneer of the salt lake mineral industry.  As a member of the the team that discovered the first Potassium salt lake in China, Mr. Zheng authored the Chaerhan Potassium Salt Lake Research Report where the largest domestic potash production facility was developed at Qinhai Lake.  Mr. Zheng was responsible for the Marine Potash Survey in China where a breakthrough was made in potash deposit prospecting of a new potassium rich gravel brine layer. He is a geologist and currently President of the International Society for Salt Lake Research, and a Director of the R&D Centre for Saline Lake and Epithermal Deposits.

Mr. Zheng graduated from the Department of Geology at Nanjing University.  He is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and was awarded the Chinese National Science Congress Award as well as the State Science and Technology Progress Award.