Simon Guo


Simon Guo

Assistant to President / Procurement Manager

Mr. Guo was appointed Procurement Manager of Western Potash Corporation in 2021. In additional to procurement role, he was later appointed as Assistant to President in March 2023. 

Taking charge of equity and mortgages investments, Mr. Guo joined Western Resources Corporation in May 2017 where he served as Managing Director of its real estate division. Through his work as the real estate managing director, Mr. Guo lead and managed numerous critical real estate equity and mortgage investments. With Western Resources’ change of strategic focus to potash mining, Mr. Guo transferred to Western Potash to lead the company’s procurement and contracts.

Mr. Guo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Event Management from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Huddersfield, and a Master of Global Management from Royal Roads University of Canada.