Company Overview

Company Overview

Western Potash Corp. ("Western" or the "Company") is a development stage potash company focused on building Canada's most efficient potash solution mine located in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. The Company plans to utilize innovative technologies to develop the world-class Milestone potash deposit in an ecologically sustainable, economically efficient and socially responsible manner. Western Potash Corp. is headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western Resources Corp.

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Western Potash Corp. was established in April 2007.  In just over a decade, the Company has achieved several important milestones with the help from a number of world renowned engineering and consulting firms.  These achievements include:

  • Acquisition of over 148,000 acres of Crown and Freehold mineral leases, full mineral exploration and resource estimation;
  • A full-scale 2.8 million tons Milestone Project Feasibility Study, including Environmental Assessment Approval and local Development Agreement;
  • A 146,000 tons per annum Phase I Selective Solution Mining Project Final Engineering Report (American Association of Cost Engineering Class 3 CAPEX and OPEX cost estimate), with amended Environmental Approval and completed local Development Agreement.

The Company plans to exploit the Milestone asset through a 3 stage development plan. Phase I will prove the innovative selective solution mining technique at 146,000 tomes per annum. This will then be scaled up for Phase II at 1.4 million tons per annual and finally duplicated for Phase III for a total capacity of 2.8 million tons per annum.

Key benefits of the proposed methodology include:

  • Low cost: Lower capital and operation cost than for conventional solution mining;
  • Less resource consumption: Half the water requirement compared to a typical solution mine, and lower energy consumption due to high formation temperatures and natural crystallization in pond;
  • Reduced environmental foot print: Less surface impact due to the absence of a salt tailings facility, less subsidence and fewer pollutants; and
  • Scalable production: The Project will provide a scalable production facility that has the potential to be expanded to meet future market requirements and changing investment appetites.

The Company has started early works this year to move the Milestone Phase I Project to the next level of formal construction.

The Company has strong ties with local community and support from local and provincial governments and well the involvement of many local, national and international businesses.