Elmar Goldsmith


Elmar Goldsmith

Member of Technical Committee

Elmar Goldsmith joined Western Potash’s Technical Committee in May 2022.

Mr. Goldsmith is one of the world’s leading experts in potash solution mining. He is currently Vice President of Canatech Management Services. Mr. Goldsmith was Vice President of Technical Services for IMC Global Potash (the predecessor of Mosaic Company) where he was responsible for the company’s 6-Sigma initiatives for three major potash mines in Saskatchewan, and potash mines in each of Michigan, Utah and New Mexico. Mr. Goldsmith is the inventor and co-inventor on a variety of patents related to potash mining and refining and has published many technical papers. Mr. Goldsmith is widely respected and regarded as a pioneer of potash solution mining.

Mr. Goldsmith holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Regina and Certificate of Quality Assurance Management from the University of Manitoba.