Brandon Bartosh


Brandon Bartosh

Member of Technical Committee

Brandon Bartosh was appointed to the Technical Committee of Western Potash in May 2022. He is currently providing solution mining and operation related services to the Milestone Project in his capacity as Technical Adviser.

Mr. Bartosh brings over 15 years of selective solution mining and horizontal cavern development experience from the Moab, Utah Mine of Intrepid Potash where Mr. Bartosh served in progressive roles from Electrical Engineer to Process Engineer to Production Manager and then Plant Manager.  In his role as Plant Manager, he led the Sylvite 9 Solution Mine development program which successfully completed multiple horizontal caverns.   Mr. Bartosh’s publications include: “An Update to the History of Solution Mining at the Cane Creek Mine, MOAB, UTAH – 2006 to 2021” (SMRI Technical Conference Paper F2021 Galveston Conference, 19-22 September 2021.)

Mr. Bartosh holds a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah and an Master's of Business Administration from Colorado Mesa University.