The Milestone Project

The 100% owned Milestone Project property is located approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. The closest operating potash mine to Milestone is Mosaic’s Belle Plaine Mine, which is one of the largest producing potash solution mines in the world. The Milestone leases are adjacent to potash permits held by BHP-Billiton, Vale and the North Atlantic Potash-Rio Tinto JV.

The Milestone Project property includes more than 87,500 acres of Crown held Mineral Leases. The renewable 21 year Crown lease was granted by ministerial order and provides Western with full and exclusive power and right to mine Crown owned subsurface minerals, including potash (subject to the provisions outlined by The Saskatchewan Subsurface Mineral Regulations, 1960).

Since beginning exploration work on the property in 2009, Western has significantly de-risked and advanced the Milestone Project including drilling eleven potash exploration wells and purchasing/ acquiring several hundred line kilometers of 2D and 3D seismic data. The Company has completed a Pilot Study in 2015 and also received Environmental Assessment Approval from the Government of Saskatchewan in 2013.  The Environmental Assessment Approval covers all components of the mine facility, including the use of City of Regina treated effluent as the industrial water source for the project.

Western is currently working with Amec Foster Wheeler on the Engineering and Agapito Associates Inc. on the Pilot Well Subsurface Design in order to advance the Milestone Project into production.