Western’s CAO Meets with Saskatchewan’s Minister of Finance

Western’s Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. George Gao, met with the Honourable Kevin Doherty, Minister of Finance, Government of Saskatchewan in Regina on December 2nd, 2016.

Mr. Gao updated Minister Doherty on the development of Western’s Milestone Potash Pilot Project. He explained to the Minister how the innovative horizontal drilling techniques will be applied to potash mining for the first time ever in Saskatchewan and in Canada. Mr. Gao stressed in particular the positive environmental impacts accruing from the new technology as it eliminates surface tailings and reduces water usage. Minister Doherty was impressed by the state of progress of the Milestone project. He reiterated that potash is an important commodity for the province’s economy and source of tax revenue, the Government has been very supportive and will continue to provide support to the development of non-governmental industrial initiatives, including the potash business.

Among those attending the meeting from Western’ management and key technical team members were, Mr. Matthew Wood - Project Director, Mr. Arthur Ma -Vice President, and Mr. Greg Vogelsang- Project Manager.