Western Potash Reports AGM Results

Vancouver, British Columbia – March 24, 2016 - Western Potash Corp. (“Western” or the “Company”) (TSX: WPX, FSE: AHE) is pleased to announce that its shareholders approved all items put before them at the Company’s Annual General Meeting held March 16, 2016.  The items approved include:

1.    The reappointment of A. Chan and Company, Chartered Accountants as auditors at a remuneration to be fixed by the directors;

2.    Fixed the number of directors of the Company at 8;

3.    The election of Geoffrey Chang, Patricio Varas, Bill Xue, Wang Hui, Patrick Power, Buddy Doyle, Wang Yinping and Limin Sun to the Board.  Of the approximately 291 million shares voted at the meeting by ballot and by proxy, the approximate number of those votes “For” each director, and the approximate percentage of the total votes cast, are as follows: Geoffrey Chang (288.5 million / 99.9%), Patricio Varas (288.5 million votes / 99.9%), Bill Xue (288.5 million / 99.9%), Wang Hui (288.5 million / 99.9%), Patrick Power (288.5 million / 99.9%), Buddy Doyle (288.5 million / 99.9%), Wang Yinping (288.5 million / 99.9%) and Limin Sun (288.5 million / 99.9%).


“Geoffrey Chang”

Geoffrey Chang