Buddy Doyle

Geological Advisor & Director

Buddy Doyle, Geological Advisor & DirectorBuddy Doyle brings more than 29 years of experience exploring for gold and diamonds. Mr. Doyle led the team that discovered the currently-producing Diavik/Aber Diamond mine and served as Vice President of Exploration for North American Diamonds with Kennecott Exploration, a division of Rio Tinto for 12 years during which time more than 100 kimberlites were discovered. He was awarded the Hugo Dummitt Award for excellence in Diamond exploration by his peers in the industry.

Since leaving Rio Tinto, Mr. Doyle has entered the junior sector with flair. He remains active in the diamond sector through a consultancy and non-executive directorships. Few geologists have seen two projects from discovery through to decision to mine. Mr. Doyle brings to the company a disciplined scientific approach to mineral exploration and managerial skills that have a proven track record.