Saskatchewan Potash

Potash in Saskatchewan occurs near the top of a thick sequence of halite and anhydrite that together comprise the Prairie Evaporite Formation within the Elk Point Basin. The Elk Point Basin was at once point, a large, restricted inland sea. That sea evaporated resulting in laterally extensive beds of mineralization. The Prairie Evaporite lies at a depth ranging from about 400m in the north to 2740m in the south.

Western Potash Corp. is proud to be developing the Milestone project in Saskatchewan. Some interesting facts about the province include:

  •     The province of Saskatchewan hosts an estimated 46% of the world's potash reserves;
  •     Saskatchewan is currently the world’s 2nd largest potash producer;
  •     There are ten operating potash mines spread throughout the province;
  •     Only about 5% of the potash produced in Saskatchewan is consumed in Canada;
  •     The province has developed infrastructure including, but not limited to: railways, roads,
         potable water, treated effluent, power and gas.


Revenue from the sale of potash benefits the province of Saskatchewan in many ways, such as:

  •     supporting potash workers and their families through the payment of wages and benefits;
  •     providing an ongoing stimulus to local businesses from the industry's purchases of goods
        and services; and,
  •     helping to support important government social and economic programs through the
        payment of taxes and royalties.


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